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50 Francisco Street
San Francisco, CA 94133
United States
Phone: (415) 362-5018
Fax: (415) 362-5019
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W2O is a privately-held integrated marketing communications firm built on something we call insight integration. It's a strategic approach based on unearthing transformative insights your competition can't see and integrating them into all of the work we do - across all marcom disciplines - for our clients' brands. We've grown from our inception in 2001 to over 550 people in 12 offices across the U.S. and Europe.

We build unfair advantages for brands. How? By following the right data to get to the point. That's where your brand becomes more relevant and valuable to your audience.

The truth is most of the data out there is just noise. The right data is the kind that tells you who your audience really is, what matters to them, and where your brand fits in their lives. It leads us to insights that we can use to transform your brand story, experiences - an deven your offering. And it gives us the clearest measurement of how our work is performing and how to optimize it. 

The W2O network includes WCG, Twist, Pure, Sentient and Marketeching. For more information, please visit

Jim Weiss, CEO and Founder, W2O Group 

Bob Pearson, President, W2O Group

Jennifer Gottlieb, Chief Operating Officer, Head of Client Services

Mike Hartman, Chief Creative Officer

Gary Grates, Principal

Tony Esposito, Chief Financial Officer

Aaron Strout, President of WCG

Annalise Coady, President of Twist Mktg

Carolyn Wang, President of Brewlife

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